“Wizkid needs to be careful of smocking, he’ll have heart attack one day”- Ghanaian traditional seer warns

A Ghanaian traditional seer has issued a strange message to Nigerian singer Wizkid over his alleged smoking habit, warning that the singer might one day have a heart attack.

In a video on social media, the unnamed Ghanaian traditional seer was heard talking about Wizkid and a few other artists in Nigeria. He mentioned that Nigerian musicians make a lot of money.

"Wizkid needs to be careful of smocking, he'll have heart attack one day"- Ghanaian traditional seer warns 
Nigerian singer, Wizkid.

Referring to Wizkid, he claimed the singer smokes a lot of cigarettes and needs to reduce his intake for his own sake as he might end up having a heart attack in the coming days.

Additionally, the seer also noted that Wizkid doesn’t eat well and encouraged the singer to consume more food for his own benefit.