“Winning House of Rep does not mean you will not work again” – Labour Party’s Ben Etanabene continues fish farming (Video)

Labour Party candidate, Ben Etanabene who won the House of Reps election for Sapele Federal Constituency, has been spotted in his fish farm.


A viral video of the Labour Party candidate at his fish farm has got social media users talking. Ben was spotted in shorts and a tank top barefooted in his fish pond, getting his hands dirty.

He was busy scooping catfish from the pond, into an empty bowl. While being recorded, he stated that winning a seat in the House of Representatives does not mean he would not work.

Ben Etanabene added that one cannot depend on the money of the masses to serve.

He said:

“Winning the house of Reps does not mean you will not work again”

Watch video below;

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