Why Nigerian women dump their husbands after relocating abroad — Writer

A Nigerian writer, Oyinkansola Alabi opines that husbands get dumped by their wives after relocating abroad because the men are unkind and patriarchal.

In a thread via the microblogging platform, Twitter, Oyinkansola affirmed that divorces between Nigerian couples in Western countries are an implication of the men’s actions.

Oyinkansola Alabi

She insisted that no logical woman would leave her partner if he was fair and just with her while they were in Nigeria.

Why Nigerian women dump their husbands abroad

“I keep seeing tweets about some women dumping their men abroad. The truth is evil has no gender so anyone can switch up on you. Men have been dumping their wives for “papers” since the world began.

Secondly, a good woman who is treated well will most likely not switch up on you. The truth some of you need to accept is you were unkind, unsupportive, and patriarchal to your woman while you were in Nigeria, and you received your report card abroad.

No normal human will stay with a wicked soul. If you are wicked to your partner abroad they will dump you so please stop this emotional blackmail about women dumping their partners.

Yes, women are dumping their horrible partners and more of it will happen if the men refuse to be human. You are no longer in the lawless crime scene called, Nigeria.”

Why Nigerian women dump their husbands after relocating abroad — Writer

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