“Why I won’t return to Nigeria” – US-based Nigerian Lady stuns many as she discloses how much she earns every week

A Nigerian lady, identified as @jennie_chris, shared her thoughts about the prospect of leaving the US and returning to Nigeria.

The video, which has garnered widespread attention, features the young woman expressing her hesitations, with a particular emphasis on the financial considerations influencing her decision.

@jennie_chris began the video by acknowledging the pivotal role that finances play in shaping her perspective on relocation.

"Why I won't return to Nigeria" - US-based Nigerian Lady stuns many as she discloses how much she earns every week

@jennie_chris expresses her reservations about leaving America, citing the potential earnings of $2000 (N1.7 million) per week as a compelling reason to stay.

“Make I leave America come back Nigeria?? You fit pay me $2000 weekly,” the lady said.

The video has garnered significant attention on social media, with viewers engaging in discussions about the economic disparities between Nigeria and the United States.

Many users expressed their opinions on the financial opportunities available in different regions, emphasizing the importance of considering one’s economic well-being when making such decisions.

Netizens Reactions…

@Mara N reacted; “Thank God oo finally make we rest for UK people.”

@peter Wallace reacted; “Me sef if Dem fit pay me $8k a month toh I go come back na.”

@Vee commented; “2k na my salary for UK Make person dey go YANKEE abeg.” 

@Ajao commented; “Story for the God.”

@Only_comment said; “Imagine after saving $50k all this time only for you to start relocating to Nigeria and you find out $ is now 300 naira.”

@Noble Tinnie said; “Help me ask them oooh.”

@Micheal said; “Us don start.

@salihu.anibaba reacted; “Yes.”

@osujichristian4 said; “You’re a generous woman, God will continue to bless val.

@MR HOUSING NIGERIA said; “Come buy house for naija from me.”

@Elina N said: “Ask them oo.” 

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