Why I will never forgive Noble Igwe – Seyi Law

Nigerian comedian, Seyi Law has disclosed why he will never forgive media personality, Noble Igwe until he apologizes to his wife.

You may recall that Seyi Law made a public pledge to beat up Noble Igwe anytime he sees him on The Honest Bunch Podcast. Since the released clip was not complete, the reason for this remained a mystery.

Seyi Law
Seyi Law

Now in a complete video from the podcast, Seyi Law provides full details on what transpired between him and Noble Igwe.

The comedian declared that he will never forgive Noble Igwe until he apologizes to his wife. His reason been that the media personality made a post during the 2023 general elections, including his wife’s name to it, which drew unwarranted jabs to her.

Noble Igwe
Noble Igwe

Seyi Law promised to beat Noble Igwe to the extent that the world will ask what his offense was.

Check out netizens reactions…

cowweynogetail_4000 said: “Like his life depends on your forgiveness, assistant god 😂”

pipi_delena reacted: “Deputy Jesus has spoken 😂”

osa_024 stated: “Men don’t talk this much. They act. Show working.😂”

itz_mercy_autos advised: “Never say never 👎 don’t take this to the gra@ve”


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