Why I walked out on UNILAG students at recent event – Phyna

Reality star Phyna has explained why she stormed out of a photo session with her colleagues at an event attended by UNILAG students.

A video uploaded online shows Phyna with other Big Brother housemates, including Hermes, Soma, and Adekunle, during an event held on the University of Lagos campus.

The now-viral video shows her storming out of a photo shoot after Adekunle and some UNILAG students joined to take a photo.

Many people considered the move disrespectful, believing that the controversial reality show winner felt too big to take photos with the students.

Why I walked out on UNILAG students at recent event – Phyna
Phyna, reality star

Phyna has come out to debunk rumors about her actions describing the narrative online as “untrue”.

Phyna begged them to stop the narrative; according to her, she left because they were using a competitor’s brand of a product she works with for photos, and she wanted to keep the brand intact.

“Make una dy calm down with the lies….. I walked out bcuz we were snapping with and opposite brand products that I work with… it can affect my work so prevention is better than cure”