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Why I turn down ‘sugar daddy’ roles in movies –Mr Macaroni

Comedian, actor and activist, Debo Adebayo, popularly known as Mr. Macaroni has disclosed that he is quick to turn down sugar daddy roles as he looks forward to more intriguing characters.

Macaroni sugar daddy roles


In an exclusive interview with Scoop, he disclosed that On the day I was arrested at Lekki tollgate, I was supposed to have a shoot for a big brand. But, when they saw that I was arrested, they called my manager immediately and canceled our deal. They said that they did not want to be associated with me at that time, so it wouldn’t seem like they were part of those fighting government. However, that is their fault, not mine. If they had done their research on me, they would have known that my love for humanity comes before any other thing. That is my priority. As a matter of fact, I believe that God has given me my platform to be able to use it to speak for myself and others. That is what I stand.”

The actor and skit maker also reveals that he turned down roles that portrayed him as a “freaky freaky” sugar daddy. He said,

“The beauty of being a thespian is that I am able to bring any character to life. Even now, when I am called to feature in a project, I am quick to turn down roles that toe the line of ‘freaky-freaky daddy.’ I am working on a project now, ‘Professor Hard Life’ because I want people to see me in another character.”

In relation to his career and prowess, he said; “I am a graduate of Theatre Arts and I was trained by the very best— Professor Ahmed Yerima, who is the former Director-General of National Theatre. The content we create is part of acting. It is also important to note that I had been acting professionally before I started churning out social media content. I am working on a lot of projects, so my fans should watch out,

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