“Why I no longer go to church” – Doyin David

Reality TV star, Doyin David has taken to social media to reveal to the public why she no longer goes to church.

Taking to her Instagram story, Doyin reacted to a post on Instablog about a US pastor who stole $1.3 million from church members, claiming that God instructed him to do it.

Doyin David
Doyin David

She revealed that these kind of occurrences are the reason she no longer goes to church.

In response to the pastor’s comment, Doyin stated that certain members of his church would still stand behind him regardless of what he did.

She claimed that the standards are dropping daily and that going to church these days nearly requires being plain stupid.

Finally, she acknowledged that God is genuinely forgiving.

In her words: “People ask me why I no longer go to church….ridiculous things like this is the reason. Just imagine this one saying God asked him to steal and you’ll find people in his church who will defend this madness. The standard keeps getting lower and lower by the day, it’s almost as if you have to be just plain stupid to be able to sit through certain sermon these days. God is really patient.”


Doyin David stops going to church