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‘Why I kept my pregnancy off social media’ – Halima Abubakar

Fans and colleagues of actress, Halima Abubakar, were stunned when she announced during the week that she had been delivered of a baby. While the role interpreter got a lot of goodwill messages from her fans, friends and colleagues, many were surprised that she kept her pregnancy off social media.

'Why I kept my pregnancy off social media' – Halima Abubakar

In an encounter with Saturday Beats, Abubakar said, “I kept it away from social media because it’s not their business. The first time I made a post about expecting ‘a mini me’, I was pregnant at that time but I was actually talking about a dog. I had bought a dog then. They (bloggers) ran with it and said I was pregnant. I just kept quiet about it and said thank you to all the prayers. I don’t think it’s okay to shove everything down people’s throats on social media. I am a businesswoman, so for me, social media is to interact with my fans and clients. I advertise for a lot of companies and I am a brand ambassador to over 20 brands. I am always working and I think I overwork myself. Posting about my pregnancy would have been too much because I already advertise for brands and I didn’t want to choke anyone. People just say what they want to say. I am a homely person and I love how my life has changed. I had to train myself to this point and I have done a wonderful job.”

On the challenges she encountered when she was pregnant, the Kogi State-born actress said, “I just had a little bit of waist pain. I didn’t have any swollen face or hand. But I started using a bigger size. I am really happy about the experience. During pregnancy, I craved a lot of salmon and vegetable. I also drank a lot of ice cream. I didn’t vomit. God allowed me not to suffer.”

Sharing the excitement she feels as a new mother, Abubakar said, “I don’t know if it’s fulfilling yet because it’s a new experience. I am going with the flow and I’m very happy. When I look at the sweet boy staring at me, I know I have done something right. If there is anything I have done in my life that is right, this is the biggest one and I’m proud of myself. I am grateful to God, everyone, and my baby. I would never change anything about my decision.”

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