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Why I didn’t kneel to propose to my wife – Yul Edochie

Veteran actor, Pete Edochie’s son, Yul has opened up on his stand on men who kneel down to propose marriage to women.

According to Yul, he didn’t kneel to propose to his wife after all.


“I didn’t kneel because I didn’t have to. My wife didn’t ask me to kneel and propose to her. I got married many years ago, 2004 or so. But I will tell you what I think about kneeling to propose.To an extent, my father is right. It is not our culture. It is foreign.

“But it is actually no big deal. It is not that serious. Whether you kneel or lie down to propose, the woman who would leave you, would. The one who won’t respect you, won’t respect you. The one who would love you, respect you and stick with you, will surly do regardless of how you proposed.

“My father is 73 years ago, much respect to him, but you see, he is speaking from his own era. He lives in that time when they don’t need to kneel to propose,” he said.

Recall that last week, a video surfaced online in which Pete Edochie insisted that men who kneel to propose were idiots and foolish.

He said, “Any young man who gets down on his knees to propose to a girl is not just an idiot, he is a bloody fool. The reason I am saying this is simple– we try to copy white people.

“The white man kneels down to propose to a girl. You know what it means? The girl takes over the family. That is why whenever a man disagrees with his wife overseas, he would be kicked out and his wife would take over the house.

“If you call that civilization; it is alright. Kneel down before your wife and I would sympathise with you when she takes over the home.”

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