Why I confronted a man at his office – Ini Edo opens up

Popular Nigerian actress, Ini Edo, has shared the reason she summoned the courage to confront a man at his office.

The prominent actress and mother of one shared this while speaking about the pressure she faced from the media to sell stories.

In an exclusive interview with media personality, Chude Jideonwo, she revealed how the media would fabricate stories if they couldn’t find anything true to report.

She recounted how she went to the male publisher’s office to inquire if she had done something wrong to him, but was told that they would create a story if they couldn’t find anything.

Ini Edo said she chose to focus on her career instead of suing the media, and if they wanted to portray her as a sex symbol to sell papers, that was their business.

“It was at that point that I said, you know what, it’s your hustle, it’s not about me. I realised that trying to sue this one, trying to sue that one was draining me, taking my energy, distracting me,

“I was getting depressed and I said you know what?… it is what it is. The jobs and endorsements kept coming and I’m like, if you guys want to peg me as a sex symbol just to sell your papers and I’m still getting my jobs and endorsements, be my guest,” she said.

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