Why I cannot date a single father – Phyna

Reality star Phyna has revealed that she is afraid to date a single father due to the difficulties connected with dealing with the child’s mother.

The reality star made it clear that she would only contemplate a relationship with a single father if his child’s mother is married to someone else.

Phyna expressed her thoughts on the matter on the most recent episode of her Spill With Phyna podcast when she spoke with Tacha.

She voiced concerns about potential “baby mama drama,” emphasizing the complications that could occur, particularly if the child’s mother remained actively involved in the man’s life.

"Why I can’t date a single father" – Phyna
Phyna, reality star. source: Instagram

She underlined that she has seen cases in which the baby’s mother causes drama and problems for the man.

She said:  She said: “I am not sure I can date a guy that has a child. I’ve met two guys who have children, these are my friends and I’ve seen the drama around it. I’ve seen situations where the baby mama will come and be like ‘who are you now leaving me for?

The stress is more than when a girl has a child and it’s more chaotic with guys. Even if the men don’t like you, even if they don’t want to settle down with you, the baby mama just doesn’t want them to move on.”

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