“Why do people believe in technology?” — Nigerian man asks, refuses to enter driverless bus (Video)

A young Nigerian man causes a stir after refusing to board a driverless bus in the Netherlands over his personal mistrust of technology.

In a video capturing the incident, the man could be seen boarding the bus and engaging with some passengers who were already seated.

He inquired whether there was a driver or operator present in the bus.

Directing his attention to a lady comfortably seated by the window, he questioned why she was at ease despite the absence of a bus driver.

Continuing his line of inquiry, he wondered aloud why people would place their trust in a vehicle, resembling a train or bus, to transport them to their desired destination when no driver was visible.

After receiving a response from the lady, the man exited the bus and pondered why people believed in the seamless functioning of a driverless car or vehicle in getting them to their intended location.

Nevertheless, he expressed admiration for the innovation, likening it to a spaceship and remarking on its beauty.


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