“Why APC will never know peace” — Nabena

Yekini Nabena, a former Deputy National Secretary of the All Progressives Congress (APC), has issued a warning, stating that the party will continue to face unrest until it reaches a breaking point.

Nabena said APC’s National Chairman, Abdullahi Ganduje’s style of leadership will lead to the party exploding.

“Why APC will never know peace” — Nabena
Yekini Nebena

According to a statement he personally signed, Yekini Nabena mentioned that Governor Ganduje perceives his current position as a form of compensation for not becoming Nigeria’s Vice President.

He said, “There can never be peace in APC, judging by the way they run the party. The foundation is faulty. There can never be peace until the day the party will explode. The way they are running the party is wrong. There will not be peace in a party with a chairman nobody voted for.

“He didn’t buy any nomination form to contest for the position but was appointed. And because he is appointed by Mr President, he acts as if every other person does not matter.

“It is even worse when the chairman sees the position as compensation for not being the vice president. It becomes more painful when he, like his predecessors, enters Aso Villa and imposes decisions on members as what the President said just because others don’t have access to the Villa. So, they adopt name-dropping.

“The party exploding is just a matter of time because when was the last time they called for NEC meeting based on constitutional provision? Most of the members of the NWC are just appointed and they don’t know what the party stands for. We lost Bayelsa because the party chairman does not even know what it takes to win an election having lost his election in Kano.

“We have seen the crisis in Edo state that led to re-conducting the primary before the candidate could emerge. Ondo state is building up and nobody knows what will be the outcome. The party cannot do the right thing because nobody is checkmating anybody.”

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