“Where una dey download this love” – Lady shares how boyfriend apologized after annoying her

Lady leaves many green with envy as she shares a video narrating how her boyfriend apologized after annoying her as he takes her on a date to a fancy restaurant.

The lady revealed that her boyfriend had done something to annoy her, and had sought to make amends with a grand gesture.

lady boyfriend apologized date
Lady and boyfriend.

He took her on a date to a fancy restaurant where they had surplus food and drinks, and she revealed that she quickly filled herself with them.

Another plate was brought for her which contained a sandwich with his apology scrawled on the plate.

She blushed excitedly when she saw the words on the plate.

Reactions trailing the video …

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Yourbabygirl_Oma❤️ penned: “How to find a good man:
step 1; wear black gown and wig😌”

Watch video below …


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