What I would’ve done if I wasn’t afraid of social media reactions – Mercy Eke opens up on fantasy

What I would have done if not for internet's reactions - Mercy Eke opens up on fantasy

Popular reality star, Mercy Eke, opens up on a fantasy she wishes to participate in but is scared of internet backlash.

The brand influencer had taken to the micro-blogging platform, Twitter, to answer fans during a question-and-answer session.

mercy eke

Reminiscing on her relationship with Ike Onyema that ended badly, Mercy Eke replied to a fan bluntly about her thought on faithful men.

Another fan proceeded to ask the businesswoman about an act she would have loved to be involved in.

“What is that thing u have always wanted to do but u are afraid of wat the Internet will say or how they will react,” the fans asked.

Mercy bluntly affirmed her fantasy is to signup on a platform where people make money from revealing their bodies.

“Having an Onlyfans account,” she responded.

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