“What could it be?” – Man shares photo of strange seed found in dead uncle’s bag

A man has aroused curiosity and speculation online by sharing a photo of an unidentified seed found inside the bag of his dead uncle.

The intriguing saga began when a man identified as @Nig_Farmer on Twitter shared a photo of the strange seeds, inviting online users to assist in unraveling the mystery.

"What could it be?" - Man shares photo of strange seed found in dead uncle's bag

According to @Nig_Farmer’s account, the seeds were stumbled upon inside the bags of a deceased relative.

Alongside the photo, @Nig_Farmer issued a plea for assistance.

He wrote;

“Who knows what it is and its meaning? Someone saw this in his dead uncle’s load.”

Netizens Reactions…

@shafiihamidu said; “What? Tell the owner to DM me please. This is the most expensive stuff in UAE.”

@CruiseAtuekong commented; “This is a charm use for protection.”

@IbiteyeI said; “Aaaaah, this is Acacia erioloba. Acacia erioloba seeds, also known as Camelthorn seeds, have various traditional and modern uses.”

@Badmus_Uthmaan said; “These are rubber seeds. It’s look like ancient type maybe from the seed bank or something. Plant it and start rubber plantation.”

@icemays said; “Look like ‘Ayo’ seed. Maybe he love playing the game and he picked some from the ayo tree.”

@FocuzIsaac said; “Never seen that before.”

See below;

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