What are the Easiest Online Side Hustles? 5 Top Picks

The easiest online side hustles are a great way to supplement your income, whether you want to save more money, pay off your student loans faster, or simply give your budget some breathing room (thanks, inflation).

You might use this list as inspiration for the type of side business you might establish in order to move closer to your present financial goal.

Some are quick ways to get extra money, while others need more effort and planning.

However, the key to success with any easiest online side hustles is to focus on your specific skills and put them to use.

So, select one (or more) of these side business concepts, and get to work!

What are the easiest online side hustles?

What are the easiest online side hustles?

1. Start a blog

The first easiest online side hustles on our list is Blogging.

I admit that I may be a little partial, but one of the finest methods to earn additional money online is blogging.

Don’t misunderstand me; creating a blog requires a lot of work. But once it’s up and running, it might be able to bring in more than $1,000 every month. Even the top blogs bring in over $1M annually.

Your site can be made profitable by promoting your affiliates, selling items, running advertisements, and more. To begin, all you have to do is pick a topic speciality that interests you.

Because you can write about practically anything that interests you when you start a blog, it can be both a truly enjoyable hobby and a side business.

If you have a passion, there’s a good chance you can start a blog about it. Tone Island, for instance, is a specialized site about guitar gear.

What to do first?

You must first select a domain name and hosting package. Through websites like Bluehost and GoDaddy, you may achieve this. WordPress can then be used to develop your website.

Once your website is operational, you can begin gathering information and creating articles to promote your blog. You can monetize your traffic whenever you have enough of it.

There is a lot more to learn about running a blog successfully than is covered in this brief introduction. For more information, see our detailed instructions on how to establish a blog.

Check out our article on the best ways to monetise a blog if you’ve already started one.

2. Provide services for managing social media

The need for qualified social media managers is greater than ever, with over 70% of US citizens utilizing social media every day.

Nowadays, having a strong social media presence is crucial for businesses, but many don’t have the time or finances to invest in it. Social media managers can help with that.

They are in charge of everything, including publishing and content creation as well as following up with followers and handling comments.

Some adept social media managers even oversee client cooperation and advertising initiatives on the platform. It might be the ideal position for you if you’re a Facebook or Instagram fiend.

Many social media managers work with multiple clients at once and do it as their full-time profession. To keep the workload manageable if you wish to work on it as a side hustle, you can only take on one or two clients at once.

A social media manager can make between $20 and $50 per hour.

What to do first

As a social media manager, joining a freelancer marketplace like Upwork is the quickest method to discover clients. Include examples of your prior work and pertinent abilities in your profile.

To make managing your tasks simpler and more structured, you could also wish to spend money on a reliable social media management program.

3. Open an online store

It takes a lot of labour to launch an online store. But if you work hard enough, it may become an easiest online side hustle. In fact, it might even be able to bring in enough extra money to allow you to completely quit your day job.

The fundamental idea is really simple. It goes as follows:

  • Find a product with high demand, then buy it in large quantities from vendors at a discount.
  • Promote and offer it for sale online at a marked-up retail cost.
  • Relish the earnings.

In fact, it goes far deeper than that.

What to do first

You’ll need to invest a lot of time in planning and creating your business strategy before you can open an online store.

By carefully researching the market, you can uncover and validate a product idea. You’ll also need to look into the competition, decide on your price and product margins, decide which marketing channels to use, develop a marketing strategy, and more.

Build your high-converting online storefront once you have a sound company plan in place.

You can utilize a variety of e-commerce platforms for this. The greatest option for the majority of stores is BigCommerce, however, if you only need a simple site, I’d suggest considering Sellfy.

4. Learn to proofread.

For those who enjoy reading and pay close attention to detail, proofreading is an excellent side business.

There is a big need for proofreading services because there is so much digital content being created every day. Proofreading jobs range in compensation from $20 and more, with more prestigious positions paying hundreds of dollars.

Proofreaders typically work independently and are compensated by the job. Online marketplaces like Clickworker, Upwork, and Fiverr have proofreading tasks available.

What to do first

Join a marketplace for independent contractors like Fiverr or Upwork. Incorporate your experience and pertinent talents into your profile, and you should quickly discover some projects.

5. Market a digital good

You can frequently sell non-physical assets such as digital items via the internet without needing to refill your stock. Software, ebooks, stock pictures, films, plans, PDFs, and subscription/membership websites are examples.

The reduced overhead costs are a terrific benefit of starting a side business selling digital goods. Although an ebook only needs to be written once, it can be sold thousands of times without incurring additional production costs.

Additionally, unlike selling physical goods, you don’t need to have a stock of digital goods, therefore there is no requirement for physical locations or warehouses to hold them. It is much more flexible as a result.

What to do first

You must first decide precisely what kind of digital product you wish to offer. There are so many options that I am unable to give you any precise advice.

One amazing benefit of operating an easiest online side hustle is selling digital items is the extremely cheap overhead costs. A single ebook can be written and sold a thousand times without adding to the production costs.

Additionally, unlike selling physical products, selling digital goods doesn’t require you to have a stock, therefore there is no need for actual locations or warehouses to store them. As a result, it is far more flexible.

Conclusion: What are the easiest online side hustles?

Prior to anything else, you must choose precisely the easiest online side hustles you want to venture into. I can’t give you specific guidance because there are so many possibilities.

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