What 85% Nigerian youths lack – Seun Kuti opines

Nigerian singer Seun Kuti claim to have diagnosed 85% of the problem of Nigerian youths after the election.

seun kuti

Seun Kuti is one of the Nigerian celebrities who campaigned massively for the All Progressive Congress (APC), Bola Tinubu.  He clashed with Peter Okoye of P-Square fame over their different choices.

After the elections and the declared winner of the elections, Seun Kuti has said that a lot of Nigerian youths do not think for themselves as to what they want but end up following the crowd.

He took to his Instagram story and wrote;

85 percent of Nigerian young people don’t what thinking for self as the solution. They want someone to tell it to them so they can wait for it-follow! Yet they wonder why their tmr as leaders haven’t come”.

What 85% Nigerian youth lack - Seun Kuti diagnosis

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