“Wetin she wan use am do?” – Reactions as Aunty Ramota seeks money to do BBL

Popular media personality, Aunty Ramota seeks money as she opens up on desire to do a BBL to enlarge her backside.

The comedian was recently featured in an interview during which she informed the interviewer that she wants money.

Aunty Ramota money BBL
Aunty Ramota.

When the interviewer asks her what she needs the money for she stated that she wants to increase her backside.

The interviewer informed her that what she has is already big enough for her, but she insisted on being giving money to do BBL.

Reactions as Aunty Ramota seeks money for BBL …

ayofe597 said: “At least na celebrity she be”

ayofe597 added: “They should try and get good dress for her now this one she’s wearing is not giving at all”

_olajumoke407 stated: “I don’t find her funny”

abitifit said: “Agba yin onidale”

aira_pam said: “How she one be inside the bumbum abeg”

themagic_hands__ said: “Aunty ramota and money are like 5&6, who dey teach her about bbl?”

iam_pelumiemmanuel said: “To do bum bum and impress who abeg?”

weightlossproducts9ja said: “They can get her a butt pad to boost her confidence. She’s got no fat for transfer.”

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