“We’re not mates” — UK-based Nigerian man quits job over disrespect (Video)

UK-based Nigerian man reportedly quits his job over disrespect from his colleagues who are younger than him at his workplace.

"We're not mates" — UK-based Nigerian man quits job over disrespect (Video)

A video making the rounds on social media captured a Nigerian expressing frustration from constant disrespect at his workplace.

According to the man supposedly in his mid-30s, it was at first understandable when his colleagues struggled to pronounce his name ‘Adeola.’


It, however, became disrespectful when he was referred to as ‘mate’ by his manager who was barely 25.

He pressed on to speak on that which broke the camel’s back; being called ‘farm’ in a demeaning manner by another co-worker.

Watch the video below …

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