Viral asoebi lady shows off DMs she received from Nigerian men

The lady who went viral over her asoebi outfit shares the large number of DMs she received from Nigerian men despite constantly bashing her online.

The lady took to her Tiktok account, @oliviaxemmanuel3, to share her frustration.

She explained how she went live on Facebook and because her phone number was on the account, many men saw it as an opportunity to send her a private message.

Viral asoebi lady shows off DMs she received from Nigerian men
Viral asoebi lady.

The young lady received over hundred messages from strange men, many of which were desiring a relationship with her.

Her shock stems from the fact that she was severely dragged on social media because of her exposing outfit by some of these men.

Here are some reactions to her video

@❤️ruth Francis❤️ said: “Make una check if una ride or die number follow 😂😂”

@flamezyofficial_ claimed: “Dem go pass you around then marry your decent next door neighbour!”

@nnenna_blinks_ advised: “Dear Men please master the act of self control. This is so distasteful. You compl@in about all these baddies online and call them Oloshos. Then go to the back to hit them up. That means you are not the man you think you are. Just a barking dog.
You either stand for something or fall for anything . No Dey let una ojolo jolo dey control una.”

@chinny_005 said: “Congratulations dear, your market is selling 😂😂😂😂”

@cha_yoo_ma observed: “I just see my landlord number there 😭😭😭 Papa Bosco I’ll tell your wife! 🫵🏽”

@veevogee opined: “They’ll still come here to b@sh her again.”

Watch the video here


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