Vice Chancellor threatens to expel female student over dressing (Video)

In a recent incident at the University of Port Harcourt (UNIPORT), the alleged Vice-Chancellor has come under scrutiny after he threatened to rusticate a female student for what he deemed as indecent dressing.

A video capturing the confrontation between the Vice-Chancellor and the student has since gone viral on social media, sparking a heated debate on campus and beyond.

Vice Chancellor threatens to expel female student over indecent dressing (Video)
A photo of the Vice-Chancellor reprimanding the female student. Photo Credit:@phspecials Source: Twitter

The video, widely shared on various social media platforms, shows the Vice-Chancellor reprimanding the female student as he encountered her in the classroom area.

Accompanied by university officials, the Vice-Chancellor questioned the student’s choice of attire, expressing curiosity about her level of comfort in what he perceived as an indecent outfit.

Despite the student’s plea for a reconsideration of his decision, the Vice-Chancellor stood firm in his stance, declaring that the university should not tolerate students who dress immorally.

The student defended herself by stating that she was not exposing herself and felt comfortable in her chosen attire.

However, instead of engaging in a constructive dialogue, the Vice-Chancellor’s response was confrontational.

He instructed the officials to collect the student’s matriculation number and other personal details, signaling his intention to dismiss her from UNIPORT.

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