Verydarkman mocks Bobrisky’s arrest, recreates his situation in EFCC cell

The notable activist, Verydarkman takes joy at the arrest of the controversial lifestyle influencer, Bobrisky by recreating his current situation in the EFCC cell.

In a mockery video, Verydarkman depicted a bewildered EFCC officer torn between placing Bobrisky in either the male or female cell.

Verydarkman mocks Bobrisky's arrest, recreates his situation in EFCC cell

The officer’s dilemma stemmed from Bobrisky’s feminine appearance and manner of speech, despite his name being ‘Idris,’ a distinctly male name.

At one point in the video, VeryDarkMan padded his chest with cloth and mimicked Bobrisky, insisting on being housed in the female cell.

Bobrisky mugshot naira abuse
Bobrisky. Photo source: Instagram.

However, this request was denied, with one of the reasons being concerns about Bobrisky potentially engaging in coitus with female inmates, similar to what happened with his former personal assistant, Oye Kyme.

Watch the video below …