Food vendor narrates narrow escape story from den of ritualist who patronized her business

Food vendor narrates troubling experience in the hands of a ritualist who booked her services with intention of using her for ritual.


According to a narration shared by the chef in question, the client reached her via phone for a home cooked meal with claims of getting her contact through a friend.

Unknown to the chef, the plan was to use her for ritual while in the middle of rendering her services.

Read the full narration below …

“People are wicked oo, this life everyone is desperate But I just want to Thank God, this morning a someone called me that his friend gave him my number that he needed me to come and cook home service for him, which we bargain price and he accepted, he sent me the money to buy the ingredient and all, and picked me up at Chevron bus stop, and went to lekki, inside the bus he was asking me different questions I wasn’t comfortable with but since his a client I just managed to use another topic to cover it up, when he asked me if I understand yoruba I said no, he said are you sure I said yes that I don’t understand Yoruba, we got to his apartment I started to cook so I can leave on time. I started cooking something just move me to look my back, this guy blow powder into my eyes, I was like bro what the feijc did you do he said sorry its just normal powder, this moment am not feeling myself anymore its as if am feeling sleepy, immediately I managed to use water from the tap to wash my face, the guy walk back to the sitting room making phone calls telling someone with yoruba that have don’t it but she didn’t fall or even sleep,what should I do next, I don’t no what the guy told him but at this moment I become scared, he went upstairs immediately I run outside, as I was about running out to the gate I notice 2 guys walking Towards the gate,I hide beside his car, then they went in, I immediately run out side this time my eyes where turning me, everything was double, I don’t even no where am running to all I no is that am running and I don’t need to stop, got to a super market that’s where I sat on the floor, a lady walk down to me asking what happen to you, I can’t talk was just crying, then she offer me a ride and said she’s going toward ajah that’s when I managed to talk, please drop me at ajah, I called my sister with the ladies phone that she should please come to ajah and carry me that I don’t understand what’s wrong, that’s all I could remember, until! I wake up this evening on my bed.”Food vendor narrates narrow escape story from den of ritualist who patronized her business

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