“Vanishing mode” – Moment fan steals Diamond Platnumz’s cap off his head, he takes action

A video which surface online shows the moment a sharp fan stole Diamond Platnumz’s  cap off his head while he was trying to avoid the crowd.

The Tanzanian singer found himself swamped by boisterous fans who came out to see him and take photos of him.

"Vanishing mode" – Moment fan steals Diamond Platnumz's cap off his head, he takes action
Diamond Platnumz.

While his guards were directing him through the restless crowd, one fan stretched his hands and whisked away his cap.

This caused the singer to pause. Apparently he was bent on getting back the cap.

Next scene showed the green cap back in his hands after the cap was apparently retrieved by his bodyguards.

See reactions below:

theonly_terrybtc stated: “But th t ut this guy go stingy He no want leave cap for him fans”

Vabayomi_alvin stated: “I thought Lagos is the only wild place”

nwanyi_ocha said: “The guy who took it was tired of his +7 winter cap”

jamal_usuff wrote: “He vanished from the scene. He’s a great”

stanbas.ng wrote: “The CAP was on Vanishing mode”

Watch the video below:

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