“Use the funds to promote your album” – Man criticizes Phyno for purchasing 20 housing units at once (Video)

Nigerian rapper Phyno has faced criticism from a man who has publicly questioned the wisdom of his recent real estate investment.

The rapper made headlines when it was revealed that he had purchased a 20 units of terraced semi-detached buildings.

A photo of Phyno.

Despite receiving accolades from fans and fellow celebrities, this acquisition has not been without its detractors.

In a surprising turn of events, a Nigerian financial advisor, who has chosen to remain anonymous, has cast doubt on the rapper’s real estate investment decision.

The financial expert has gone as far as to suggest that Phyno’s investment in these properties may not yield the anticipated return on investment (ROI).

Instead, the advisor has proposed an alternative strategy, one that revolves around channeling resources back into Phyno’s music career.

The unidentified financial advisor has argued that Phyno should prioritize allocating his capital to the production of a new music album rather than continuing to invest in real estate.

According to this advisor, the potential for a more substantial return on investment lies within the music industry itself.

Netizens Reactions…

@djmax_kingofdjs said; “1000 adviser no helper when you are poor you’re poor bro.”

@florishbaba said; “You see who buy property now oh you don drag colos forget your own sermon .”

@kingivr_ said; “All these social media .. When done correctly, real estate is one of the most popular, profitable, and stable investment choices that can generate a high profit return. The advantages of investing in real estate include the ability to generate wealth, use equity as leverage, and protect your money from inflation.”

@lexbod_001 said; “Poor man dey advice billionaire . Big lol.”

@djfalcao_ said; “Dem suppose jail you for wetin you talk .”

@godsonrealon said; Only in Nigeria a poor man advise a rich man. Werey.”

@tmex_ybnl said; “Dem suppose jail you for wetin you talk now.”

@cjay_derek said; “For me Ezege no buy house. Baba dey promote his Album. Man has to chase his clout. I come in peace.”

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