US lab denies conducting toxicology test on Mohbad

The management of the National Medical Services Laboratories in Pennsylvania, USA, has denied conducting a toxicology test on Mohbad.

According to reports from the Punch, the US laboratory did not carry out any toxicology tests at the facility to determine the cause of singer Ilerioluwa Aloba’s (also known as Mohbad’s) death.

This response comes after Punch queried NMS Labs about the test.

Recall how a pathologist stated in an appearance before the Coroner’s Court on May 15 that an autopsy was unable to determine Mohbad’s cause of death due to the decomposition of his corpse.

US lab denies conducting toxicology test on Mohbad
Mohbad, Late Nigerian artist

When the Coroner’s Court convened in the state’s Ikorodu district sometime in November 2023, state attorney O. Akinde informed the court that a toxicology test—a component of an autopsy that aims to ascertain the cause of death was not found.

“The matter is being handled by the state DNA and Forensic Centre, but they are doing skeletal services, and they have affiliate centres which are three.

“So, if there is an emergency like this one that we have, they will not say they cannot handle it. So, there are three of them in the US and the one handling this particular one is the NMS in Pennsylvania, USA,” Omotoso said during the live program.

Punch disclosed that an email was sent to the aforementioned lab to inquire about whether or not a toxicology test had been carried out at their establishment to ascertain Mohbad’s cause of death.

In response to the correspondence dated May 17, Esther Dede, a Client Services Associate in the Forensics Division of NMS Labs, denied that Mohbad’s toxicology test was carried out in any of their facilities, as stated by the state government.

“Unfortunately, we do not have a case for that patient. To maintain our compliance with HIPAA privacy regulations, we would need authorization from the submitting agency.”

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