Unpaid Debt Saga: Actor Mofe Duncan clears his name after being dragged by crossdresser, Michelle Page

Actor Mofe Duncan has reacted to the news of him being dragged on social media by crossdresser, Michelle Page over an unpaid debt.

Mofe Duncan

Duncan took to his Instagram to share evidence of what transpired as he noted that he has resolved the case.

Recall that Michelle had accused him of not paying up after service was rendered to him, it turned out that the service was a makeup job for his ex-wife about 6 years ago.

Mofe Duncan unpaid debt.

Duncan who’s bewildered about the situation as it unravels himself especially being dragged publicly online over another person’s debt, clears the unpaid debt in good faith as he addresses himself as being, “civil”.

Here’s what he wrote;

“So yesterday… Aunty Michelle felt that using social media to “call me out” would attract the necessary attention he thrives on and to my abject disbelief, I was stunned. So apparently Aunty Michelle used to be a guy called Eniola (I just found that out yesterday). She has chosen to play this social media battle game in an attempt to either ruin my reputation or gain attention or feel like she has power to be relevant by being toxic… I know, and I’ve been told that all this drama would gain her followers but I really don’t give a fuck about that. Having followers on IG is a misconception some people believe gives them relevance, power and happiness, that’s their business. I’m just here to offer my truth. ☆

☆ For years I have ignored and run from responding to negativity online but for some reason, I want to help her gain the followers she so desperately desires by attending to her flicker of fame and her decision to use my name to trend, but I am kind, and I don’t mind. ☆

☆ Slide1: Shows Aunty Michelle’s latest post, playing the victim card and portraying me as a villain. Her manager’s post suggests “a service was rendered to me” and the caption was coined to ask “what is the service rendered?”. Exciting right? We’ll get to that.
• S2: Shows the moment Aunty Michelle followed me just after 8PM yesterday.
• S3: The 1st correspondence btwn us. You may wonder why I chose to respond but if u recall my previous post (which is now deleted), I asked her to “talk to me directly and not go through the corners” which she did so I was obliged to respond.

• S4: Self explanatory.
• S5: Is the so called “service rendered”. MAKE UP 4 JESS. Do I know what was discussed between them? No. But yet, it’s MOFE DUNCAN that is owing for a “service rendered”. Imagine.
• S6: After speaking with Jess who calmed me down and asked to pay. Alot was said btwn S5 & S6.
• S7: Is Aunty saying whatever Jess decides to pay is fine.
• S8: Is me mediating between her and Jess informing the amount Jess agreed to pay and me offering extra because I’m civil.
• S9: Her accepting 35k.
• S10: Self explanatory.
• After agreeing, she now wants to extort more by her claims in S1. ☆

☆ My truth. ☆


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