Underage boys who ‘sniff gum’ to get high nabbed (Video)

Two underage boys have been handed to a rehabilitation organisation after being caught sniffing gum for the purpose of getting high.

Underage boys 'sniffing gum' to get high nabbed (Video)

A video making rounds on social media captured two underage boys named Akeem Salam and Akorede Malik questioned over their intoxicating habit of getting high with gum.

The kids when asked revealed that they engage in the act of sniffing the glue material to feel high after being initiated by their peers.

The boys further revealed that they acquire the shoe-making substance from one Alfa who sells to them once it’s referred to as ‘brother yen.’

They further stated that the gum is sold in sachet water bags which makes sniffing easier for them.

Watch the video below …

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