UK returnee recounts how neighbor knocked him down while opening gate

A UK returnee shares a heart-wrenching account of how a simple act of kindness, opening the gate for his neighbour, led to a damaged leg and losing everything he owned.

A social media user, @YemiCastano on X recounted the painful experience, triggering an outpouring of emotional comments from users.

According to his narrative, while opening the gate for his neighbour, she lost control of her car and accidentally hit him, causing a severe injury to his right leg. This incident left him incapacitated for two years, during which he lost his job, as well as his savings and possessions.

Reflecting on his journey to recovery in Nigeria, he mentioned that his first step was to forgive and avoid negative thoughts.

He also mentioned how he declined sympathy visits and spent his time reading numerous books. Despite the challenges, he emphasized that he has regained everything he lost and feels a sense of fulfilment.

How I almost lost my leg after helping a neighbour open the gate – UK returnee

“In 2013, I returned home from UK. While opening the gate for a neighbor to drive in, she lost control of the car, knocked me down, and drove over my right leg. Broken!!!

“The outcome was a 2-year lonely, depressing road to recovery. Lost my job, my savings, everything l owned. Today, all I lost, l have now recovered 10 folds. I am very happy now, fine and fulfilled. How did I recover?

“My recovery started with forgiveness, and then I vowed never to let negative thoughts thrive within and avoided too many sympathy visits. I read lots of books too. There is so much miracle in positivity.

“When you go through things stay confident and positive, even at your lowest point. Absolutely nothing can shake me anymore. It’s a mindset.”

UK returnee recounts how neighbor knocked him down while opening gate

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