Ugly moment yahoo boy taunts white lady whom he scammed out of $3k; says she must sing ‘Zazuu’ lyrics to get money back [Video]

A viral video captures the moment a yahoo boy taunted his white client after he scammed her out of $3,000.

In the video, the woman could be heard demanding that he returns the money back, only for the fraudster to tell her to sing the lyrics of Portable’s ‘Zazuu Zeh’ accurately before that can be done.

Reacting, Nnamani on Facebook said: “Sometimes when problem begins in our life, we start running helter and skelter, forgetting that we could have in one way or the other initiated it. 

“Robbing people their hard earned money, and you call it smartness. Without knowing that the day of reckoning will come. 

“Let’s all be careful, there’s hardship everywhere, but God never forgets his, if you are keened to his word, don’t let situation lead you astray.”

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