Troll mistakenly sends ‘diss’ to Beauty Tukura instead of her friend, chat leaked

Famous reality TV star, Beauty Tukura leaks a chat received from a troll who ridiculed her outfit while intending to gossip about it with her friend instead.

Beauty had taken to her Instagram page to share stunning photos of herself in a dazzling traditional outfit for an event.

Beauty Tukura

While fans flooded her comment section with adorable opinions on the outfit, a troll accidentally expressed her blunt opinion directly in the DM of the reality star.

“I think this is my worst dressed. The colour combo doesn’t fit in the actual videos. But the pictures were edited to fit. The jewellery too doesn’t fit that neckline. What’s my business sef,” the troll stated.

Troll mistakenly sends gossip to Beauty Tukura instead of her friend, chat leaked

In reaction, Beauty Tukura took a screenshot of the chat and leaked it on her Instagram story while calling on her fans to take it up with the troll.

“This one sent her hate comment to me instead of her friend. BeeNavy help me reply her,” she captioned the post.

Reactions as troll mistakenly sends hate comment to Beauty Tukura

__niffy.tomori said: “Y’all are saying she’s a bully but the person saying shit about her isn’t a bully ??? If na Una fav Una go Don enter the babe dm curse am but cos no be Una fav Una Dey cry.”

chi_deenma said: “But we all do this with our friends na😂😂all of you are now forming saints🤦🏿‍♀️she only made a mistake by sending it to the wrong place.”

iam_florescent opined: “Is that how much lazy y’all trolls are? You guys should go get a life.”

sonahair_ penned: “You all pretending like you don’t do this with your friends? This was a chat intended for her friend. Where’s the hate here? She gave her opinion about the outfit, to her own friend. Everything is hate for you people. She doesn’t like the outfit, how’s that hating?

Even the one sending people on errands can’t swear she hasn’t done this with her friends.

The fans though. If them tell Una jump, you people will ask how high. 🤣🤣.”