Traveling or living abroad is not an achievement – UK-based Nigerian lawyer says

UK-based Nigerian lawyer identified as Dele Olawanle has challenged the conventional perception that traveling abroad or living abroad constitutes an achievement.

The lawyer argues that the true measure of success should be based on an individual’s accomplishments within their home country rather than their geographical location.

Taking to his social media platform, Olawanle emphasized that the value of moving abroad depends on what an individual is doing with their life in their home country.

He pointed out that he knows numerous individuals who have relocated from Nigeria to the United Kingdom but are underachievers compared to those who stayed in Nigeria and persevered until they achieved notable success.

In his words;


Traveling abroad or living abroad is not an achievement but it depends on what you are doing with your life there. It is not where you are but what you are doing there.

“Let me warn you that you can be busy doing nothing apart from being a part-time star on TikTok, Instagram, or other social media platforms. I have known people who have not had a stable address or a job for the last 15 years.

“Time and age catch up on one quickly. The reason why I visit Nigeria regularly is because I have found that those back home are resilient, inventive, determined, and are achieving a lot despite the harsh economic conditions.

“A better economy will lead to a better life for the people. Once you live here in the UK for a long time, you become a storyteller rather than an achiever. It is like a trap of destiny.

If you live abroad, don’t get carried away. Work hard, be focused, and stick to your goals and you will achieve a lot.

“Do not forget that some people you left behind in your home country are doing unbelievable exploits. A regular visit to your home country will help you to take advantage of the opportunities there and here. I hope this helps someone.”

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