Touching moment man imprisoned for 12 years reunites with his family outside prison gate

A video of a Kenyan man reuniting with his family outside the prison gates after his 12-year imprisonment at Kamiti Medium Security Prison has stirred emotions online.

A video shared by his daughter, Damaris, captures the poignant moment as the prison gates swing open, revealing the man dressed in a blue Kaunda suit.

His wife, overcome with emotion, rushes to him in tears, and the two share a passionate hug. The emotional reunions continue as he hugs his daughters and then his sons.

Touching Moment man imprisoned for 12 years reunites with his family outside prison gate

The most touching moment occurs when he sees his elderly mother, his face lighting up with joy as he holds her in a long, affectionate hug, clearly demonstrating how much he has missed her.

In an interview with Damaris reflected on the difficult years the family endured without their father.

“We bless God, life without dad was tough,” she said.

“Yes, he did whatever he did, and initially, I wanted the police to lock him up for life, but everybody deserves a second chance. People do unimaginable things, but we owe them a second chance,” she added.

Netizens Reactions…

Graham Mabanga said; “I can’t wait to welcome my dad like this who’s serving 12yrs in Bungoma Prison, God may your will be done.”

Niffer mumbe said; “Crying with strangers has become my full-time job.

I.G ii iii vii said: “Happy for this mzee…he was coming at Kahawa Barracks. Finally you did it mzee. All the best.”

Mwalimu_nyakawhat said; “Those who cried and cried with them let’s gather here and wipe each other’s tears.”

Shen said; “I love that girl who picked the bag from the man.”

milkahjunior said; “This was me when my husband was set free in 2021 from Industrial area weeeeeeee God of another chance.”

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@damariskimani8 Greetings Dear one😊 God is good on the 13th of JUNE , a beacon of resilience and fortitude will emerge as my Dad steps out of the confines of Kamiti prison after enduring 12 years of confinement. His unwavering strength and unwavering spirit have been a testament to the power of endurance and hope in the face of adversity. Through his perseverance, he has inspired those around him, demonstrating that even in the darkest of times, the human spirit can triumph. As he rejoins society i would love to plead for your support both spiritually, financially and emotionally as i help him Rebuild your support will be highly appreciated 💪🏽😊. Thanks in advance ❤️ Dama’sDadPrisonRelease #rebuilding #kenyantiktok🇰🇪 #prisontiktok #prisonrelease #rebuild #trending #love #loveislove #fatherdaughter #fatherlove #daughter #2024 #fyp #foryou #peace #inuababadama #babatalisha

♬ original sound – DAMARIS KIMANI