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Top 5 sports that Nigerians are crazy about

Top 5 sports that Nigerians are crazy about

When it comes to sports, Nigerians are known to be a little overzealous in their support of their favourite teams. Sporting legends from around the continent are based in the nation, while mobile apps have a huge role in increasing sports’ fan base among Nigerians.

Sports, according to Nigerians, have the power to unite people. With the seventh-largest population in the world, Nigeria is Africa’s most populous nation and home to some of the continent’s most renowned athletes and popular events. You can even bet on your favourite sports teams in Nigeria, if you love betting. Check out Bet9ja bonus details to learn what’s in store for you.

Football, one of the nation’s most widespread sports, was brought to the country by British colonists, while other sports, such as Dambe boxing, have been in the country for generations. Is there a particular sport that Nigerians are particularly enthusiastic about? Here are the top five:


The most popular sport in Nigeria is football, which has a huge following. In the British colonial era, the railroads, mission schools and the military swiftly expanded over the nation. For decades, Nigeria’s national football team, dubbed the Super Eagles, has been a source of pride for the country. Soccer’s Super Eagles made it to six World Cup appearances by the time they were in their 20th year. They also hold the record for most medals in the African Cup of Nations,with three wins, four silvers and eight bronzes.

The Nigerian Professional Football League (NPFL), one of Africa’s most prestigious competitions, is the highest level of Nigerian football.


Since the 1950s, basketball has been popular in Nigeria, and the country’s national team joined the International Basketball Federation in 1964. There has been some success for both D’Tigers (male team) and D’Tigress (female team).

In the 1990s, when Hakeem Olajuwon was one of the NBA’s biggest players, the sport’s popularity skyrocketed. For men’s professional basketball in Nigeria, the top level is the Nigerian Premier Basketball League (NPBL). Divided into two conferences(Savannah and Atlantic), it has been contested 16 times.


The Hausa people, one of Africa’s major ethnic groupings, have long practised the martial technique of Dambe. Traditional Hausa butcher fights have recently witnessed an extraordinary increase in popularity and are now seen by millions of people on the internet.

The sport is becoming more popular worldwide, not only in Nigeria. Dembe Warriors, a YouTube channel, receives more than 60% of its views outside Indonesia, the Philippines and the United States. The spread of the coronavirus disrupted the country’s efforts to form a national league.

Track and field

Athletes of all ages and backgrounds may be seen participating in track and field competitions in Nigeria and throughout the world. Running is a popular sporting activity in Nigeria. Nigerians are known for their running prowess, as shown by the fact that the country has sent a number of athletes to compete in the Olympics since 1952, winning a total of 13 medals in athletics.


Another prominent sport in Nigeria is professional boxing, which began in the nation in 1947. Nigerians formerly regarded it as the country’s most popular sport, but it has since declined. The number of professional boxers in Nigeria now stands at about 300.