Tolani Baj sparks controversy as she lectures men on easiest way to get ladies’ attention

Reality star turned DJ, Tolani Baj educates men on how to stand out from the horde of admirers in ladies’ social media DMs.

In a post shared on her Twitter page, the BBNaija star said that if a man likes a lady, he should send her money.

According to her, it is the easiest way to stand out from other men who are trying to get her attention in her social media DMs.

Tolani Baj added that it’s 2023 and men had better wake up if they’re still wondering why they’re not getting noticed by the women they like.

“If you like a babe, send her gifts and send her money. Simple
This is the easiest way to stand out from the rest of the men in her dms.
Stop wondering why she isn’t showing any interest.
It’s 2023. Wake up,” she wrote.

This has elicited divergent views from netizens some of whom have wondered whether relationships have turned to a sort of poverty alleviation scheme.

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