Tochi rages as Queen Elizabeth’s imposter reaches out to him for $300

Reality star, Tochi is furious, after an alleged “Queen Elizabeth II” reached out to him via his Instagram direct message.

On the 8th of September, the Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth II, the first child of King George VI, and Queen Elizabeth had gone to be with the lord. Nonetheless, an imposter had reached out to Tochi via his Dm, claiming not to be dead, and asked for some money. According to the imposter, her son, King Charles III sent her to the deserted Island, leaving her stranded.

The message reads:

“Hey, it’s me, Queen Elizabeth, I am not dead. Charles sent me to a deserted island so he could be king. I don’t have access to my royal money so please cash app me $300 so I can get back to the UK.

Tea and biscuits”

See post below;

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