To be successful, supply your Parents needs, not Mummy and Daddy GO’s – Reno Omokri

Reno Omokri, a controversial human rights activist and author, has dropped his two cents for anyone looking to get rich this year.

Omokri stated that many people are preoccupied with meeting the wants of daddy and mummy GO while their parents are neglected.

He went on to say that there’s a reason God placed honoring your father and mother in the commandment: it’s through a parent’s prayer that a child might succeed.

In his words;

“The reason many people are not progressing financially and relationally is because they are supplying the needs of Daddy and Mummy GO and think God will multiply them because of that. No human prayer is as potent as a parent’s prayer. Supply them instead. God’s representative on Earth for you are your parents. That is why God included honour your father and mother in the 10 Commandments. Abraham blessed Isaac and Isaac prospered. Isaac blessed Jacob and Jacob prospered. Jacob blessed Joseph and Joseph ruled Egypt. In 2022, don’t think you impress God by what you do for Daddy and Mummy GO. Impress God by doing it for Daddy and Mummy at home!”