“Tithe/offering money we no need am again, we’re men now” – Happie boys say, leaves OPM pastor in shock

In a surprising turn of events, the Happie Boys, recipients of the OPM Scholarship program, have made a bold announcement, rejecting the scholarship and return flight tickets purchased for them by the OPM pastor.

The boys, who were previously under the care of the scholarship program, have declared their independence and stated that they no longer require financial support from OPM or its pastor.

Tithe/offering money we no need am again: Happie boys say, leaves OPM pastor in shock
Former chicken republic security Happie Boys. Photo credit: Happie Boys. Source: Google

They expressed gratitude for the opportunities provided by the OPM Scholarship program but emphasized their desire to stand on their own feet and take control of their own lives.


They said;

We are sorry to Daddy OPM, but we don’t need OPM Scholarship again, we don’t need tithe and offering money again.

From now on, let everybody mind their own business. We are sorry to Daddy OPM, but we are men now and we can take care of ourselves.”

The statement made by the group on social media, expressing their rejection of the tickets and asserting their independence, has drawn attention and garnered reactions from internet users.


@1st magician wrote;

“If the OPM knew, he would have just left them jobless when they lost their job! Why try paint this man black? WHY?

@daniel_40 said;

To help person these days go hard o”

@nohpheesat wrote;

Omoooo these guys are not even remorseful, You’re suffering in Cyprus yet you don’t want to come back to Nigeria. It feels they are just chasing clout to spoil the man’s name”

@gungirl001 said;

Na why! Na why! Them no dey help person be this”

@stanalieke wrote;

“The problem is the guy at the middle. The two guys standing is showing remorse and different thing from their body languages. They should better run away from the middle guy before mislead them”

@kennedyexcel added;

“Na that middle one be the problem of this, Werey dey behave like idi amin of uganda”

@soloblinkz wrote;

“Never trust the loyalty of a broke man! NEVER!”

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