“Throwing money for people to pick is all about showing off that you are rich” – TV host, Oseni Rufai condemns display of wealth at Cubana’s mother’s burial (Video)

Oseni Rufai, TV host at Arise TV has aired his opinion as he condemns the lavish display of wealth at Obi Cubana’s mother’s burial.

This is coming after the billionaire businessman did a talk-of-the-nation burial ceremony in honor of his late mother.

Speaking on this, Rufai had opined that his actions are showing off and indirectly telling the poor people to go and die.

In defense, he said he’s not attacking the entrepreneur because he’s Igbo. Hence, he used a case study of Aig-Imoukheude’s mother’s burial as a case study.

“Our nation has become money and showing people that they are rich and others can go and die. Throwing money to them on the floor to pick it up. This is not about tribe cos a lot of people are saying it’s because it’s an Igbo man. We are celebrating a culture of materialism” he said.

Watch the video:

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