“This year if I catch you trying to camera me illegally, I will break your phone” – Nkechi Blessing dispatches stern warning

Popular actress, Nkechi Blessing has warned ‘pokenosers’ not camera her illegally or risk losing their phones as she clarifies her dating status, following break up rumours.

The movie diva blew hot on how people make one statement only for them to contradict it later.

Nkechi Blessing break phone camera
Nkechi Blessing.

According to her, fans had warned her to stop flaunting her man online and when she heed to their words and stopped, they began suspecting they’ve broken up.

She noted that as it stands, she is both in a relationship and not in a relationship and those poke nosing into her business should steer clear.

Speaking further, she warned those who keep monitoring her business to ensure they stop this year because she won’t be gentle with them.

Nkechi warned that she would break the phone of anyone who snaps of videos her illegally.

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