“This needs to be investigated” – Outrage as video of Sisi Quadri complaining in hospital over not being taken seriously pops up

A video that has set off outrage online shows the moment the late actor, Quadri Oyebamiji popularly known as Sisi Quadri was seen complaining over his health and not being taken seriously in a hospital before his demise.

It would be recalled that thespian was reported yesterday to have passed on at the age of 44.

Sisi Quadri video hospital
Sisi Quadri. Photo source: Google.

In a video that recently made its way to the social media space, the actor was seen ranting over the poor treatment he had received from the workers.

Quadri expressed dissatisfaction with the tests that they were running on him as he noted to them that he had not been feeling unwell until they had run their tests on him.

He added that when he complained they didn’t take him seriously.

His words spoken in Yoruba can loosely be translated to: “Nothing was wrong with me till you carried out your test and when I complained you didn’t take me serious”.

Read some comments below:

@Iamkolotayo said: “Oh my Goodness”

@Lion_Heart_OT said: “Our hospitals really need to do better. It is so sad that things like this happen all the time; we only know about a few ones that we see online.

RIP Sisi Quadri 💔”

@iamaleshinloye said: “What 😭😭😭”

@fred_floss said: “The corruption eaten too deep”

@Justejumola said: “I just can’t with this video💔. You see this country if you don’t have money, forget it.”

@_samorano0 saiad: “Heartbreaking 💔”

Watch the video below:

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