“This is how his wife was sad while you were servicing her man” – Netizens reminds Maria Chike over fear of losing her baby daddy

Reality star Maria Chike has received backlash from netizens after she shared a video of herself disclosing she misses her baby daddy.

In a video that she shared on social media, Maria Chike expressed her dissatisfaction, claiming that being pregnant had made her too sensitive to the point that she was missing her baby daddy, who had moved to his hometown.

Maria Chike lamented her partner’s departure for the village, claiming that she wouldn’t have felt that way if she hadn’t been expecting a child.

The reality star also talked about how much she was upset over his absence and how much she missed him.

"This is how his wife was sad while you were servicing her man" - Netizens tells Maria Chike over fear of loosing her baby daddy
Maria Chike, reality star. source: Instagram

However, Maria’s video backfired after internet users reminded her of her partner’s past. They told her that she would still experience what the wife of Kelvin had experienced.

Mrstareeh wrote, “This is how his wife was sad while you were servicing her man while he was away from her.”

Howw35367 wrote, “U don’t have to be sad it’s turn by turn it will be ur turn soon. first, there is someone here in Nigeria he needs to be with.”

Everythingbeautiful48, “More like you are sad because you think he’ll go and do to you what he did to his wife, left her and the kids for you, don’t worry baby karma takes time, he’ll be back to you for now.”

Iameddison wrote, “Somebody’s husband u mean ?? You’re just a mere baby mama and it’s a pity that a fine girl like you doesn’t have her own man.”

Lizzybae commented: ‘He will do to you what he did to his wife.’

This statement comes amidst a wave of public scrutiny following the revelation of her concerns. The online community has since delved into discussions, examining the implications of her apprehensions and expressing mixed reactions to her situation.”

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