“They’re special kids” – Nigerian mum flaunts her twin babies with unique blue eyes 

A Nigerian woman has taken the popular social media platform TikTok by storm, capturing the hearts of thousands with a video showcasing her lovely twin babies with unique blue eyes.

The short clip, shared via her account @tinakunzzy__, features the proud mother, Tina, gushing over her adorable twins, whose most distinctive feature is their captivating big blue-colored eyeballs.

The video has quickly become a viral sensation, amassing thousands of views and reactions from netizens worldwide, who have been captivated by the twins’ unique and endearing appearance.

In the clip, Tina expresses her profound love for her babies, radiating joy and pride as she shares their extraordinary eyes with the world.

Netizens Reactions…

@Matar so matar kauna said; “I tap with blessings.”

@Mummy Ozo said; “Shine shine baby.”

@Unborther joy said; “Na them dey later fine pass y’all should rest.”

@diamond commented; “Please be covering his head cause of cold.”

@hantyamope said; “Give this baby 5 months now she go don fine.”

@Jennifer Waga reacted; “Awwn handsome boy.”

@Flourish bliss commented; “Congrats dear.”

@Yourexgirlfriend reacted; “These babies too fine oo.”

@Big_baby said; “No they put flash for the baby eyes o who be this na.

@3535678910beauty said; “Barrens making jest of this little baby. Go and born and let see. Anyway God bless you little boy.”

@ar_bikeh said; “God pls answer my prayers before this month end I know der is nothing u can’t do. Congratulations.”

See below;


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