“They said he was chasing clout” – N6, YhemoLee, and others mourn Oladips’ death

Following the death of Nigerian rapper Oladips, N6, Yhemolee, and other netizens have reacted to the piece of news as they mourn him.

A statement from Oladips’ management was released on his Instagram profile minutes ago, confirming that he died at 10:14 p.m. on Tuesday, November 14.

In response to the news, rapper Nnamdi Nwabasili, aka N6, expressed his condolences and chastised those who accused Oladips of chasing clout in a post he wrote just hours before his death.

In the late hours of Tuesday, footage circulated on social media showing the Lalakukulala crooner appearing to collapse as his pals encircled him.

"They said he was chasing clout"—N6,, YhemoLee, others mourn Oladips’ death
Oladips, Nigerian singer. Source: Instagram

Oladips had appealed for assistance on his Instagram stories prior to the video going viral. He asked where one of his friends, @onlyonelifetime, was in the post mentioning him.

The rapper bemoaned the fact that he had called the friend multiple times and that they were aware of his dislike of being left alone in the house, particularly given his health.

The rapper received a lot of backlash for this post, with many people accusing him of merely trying to get attention. Thousands of people visited his Instagram page in grief hours after it was announced that he had passed away.

This act led N6 to conclude that it makes sense why so few people come forward to talk about their struggles. As he stated, “Na why Man no dey Speak out. Shey you all were saying he was clout-chasing not up to 24 hours ago.

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