“They advised me to join secret cult in order to ‘blow’” – Phyno opens up

Renowned rapper, Phyno has opened up on how some people advised him, in his early days as a budding musician, to join a cult or do rituals in order to become famous and successful.

He disclosed his past while sharing some words of advice with up-and-coming singers against taking shortcuts to achieve success.

"They advised me to join secret cult in order to ‘blow’" – Phyno opens up
Rapper, Phyno. Photo Source: Google.

The “Connect” crooner noted that he outrightly rejected the offer and chose to carve his own way with hard work, resilience and sheer determination.

He emphasized that he doesn’t believe in taking short cuts to achieve success. Further more, he discouraged artists from signing record deals out of desperation.

He said:

“Some people look at us today and think we got it easy, Not at all. I’ve never loved easy things. Before many people heard of Phyno, I’d had songs that no one knew existed.

“A couple of friends told me to blow, I must join a cult or sacrifice something or someone, I told them the price is too much. I’ll never do such. I believed in myself and the power of hard work, I started little and today I thank God.

Young talents need to relax, do not be desperate about record deals or being in the spotlight. Keep working, when it’s time you’ll shine.

“Imagine begging a label to sign you, what kind of terms will they give you? They already know you are desperate and they will use you. At the beginning, you might not see it but give it time, you’ll regret it. Nothing pays more than hard work and consistency”.