“There’s no taste” – Mike Edwards’ wife, Perri tries ‘garri’ for the first time (Video)

Perri Shakes-Drayton, the wife of popular brand influencer and reality star, Mike Edwards, tasted the famous Nigerian staple, garri, for the first time and she was not too impressed.

"There's no taste" - BBNaija’s Mike’s wife, Perri shares her opinion on garri (Video)Mike Edwards and Perri have been in Nigeria for quite some time now and they are willing to make most of the time spent here.

However, things didn’t go as expected when Perri wanted to try something new and was served a bowl of garri and a plate of moimoi.

The beautiful mother of one who shared the experience on her Instagram story could be seen in the video drinking the garri before giving her remarks.

According to Perri, the famous ‘garri’ is tasteless, noting that the sweetness comes on after it has been swallowed.

See the video below:

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