“The wig don grow wings” – Nigerian lady heartbroken over wig’s state after revamp by Ibadan-based hair stylist

A beautiful Nigerian lady garnered attention on social media when she showcased the condition of her wig after entrusting it to an Ibadan-based hair stylist.

In the initial scene, the lady, donned in a white top, looked stunning as she displayed the wig in its pristine state.

"The wig don grow wings" - Nigerian lady heartbroken over wig's state after revamp by Ibadan-based hair stylist
Beautiful Nigerian lady’s wig state before revamp.

However, in the subsequent scene, the same wig appeared unrecognizable after the Ibadan hairstylist had worked on it.

The caption of the video, “Wig before giving it to Ibadan hair stylist for revamping,” highlighted the significant transformation, with the wig now appearing scattered and poorly revamped.

Social media users flooded the comment section, expressing their thoughts on the noticeable change.

See some reactions below:

footies_affairNG2: “The wig Don grow wings.”

Victoriousempire: “The wig wants to fly away😭😭😂😂, hold it tight and walk fast fast nobody will notice.”

Excellent: “that is how I gave one my hair to revamp to cut story short I told her to sell the wig and give me my money.”

Debbie❤️‍🩹: “Dem don use shampoo nd conditioner revamp the hair na🤣🤣 without using treatment.”

Kawthar 🥰😍🌺: “May be he mistakenly add starch 😂😂🤲🏼sis pls maybe u should try press ham with iron.”

The Hair Therapy | Wigging: “Ahah 😂 this is why people don’t trust Ibadan stylist o 😫😫she added starch.”

Ololat: “Dem don add shoulder pad for the wig😂💔.”

Officialfunkky❤️🦋: “If you Waka fast them no go notice.”

harrisondike9: “If u waka fast dem no go notice.”

Presh🧚Queen👸: “The wig is now flying high.”

Pretty_ayoola20:na closure dem use the remaining hair do😩😩cos na so so short fling up dem dey return after revamping.”

Just—Mardey:If you use spec to design,nobody go notice my bby.”



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