“The way you treat your wife when you’re healthy determines how she’ll treat you when you’re sick” – Nurse

A male nurse, sharing advice with married men, has posited that the way a man treats his wife when he’s healthy would determine how he’d be treated by her when he’s sick.

With his clinical experience in hospital wards, a male nurse advised men to treat their wives well when they’re healthy so they can receive similar treatment from them when they fall sick.

"The way you treat your wife when you're healthy determines how she'll treat you when you're sick" – Nurse warns married men
“The way you treat your wife when you’re healthy determines how she’ll treat you when you’re sick” – Nurse warns married men. Credit: iStock/ Google.

The man identified as @Anasarabdul070 said that the only one who can truly stay with a man throughout his period of ordeal in hospital is his wife.

According to him, the man’s kids, cousins and other family members may come but they’d never be by his side like his wife.

He said that the effort the wife would make to nurse him back to health would ultimately depend on how well he treated his wife while he was still healthy.

The tweep urged men to be more intentional about their treatment of their wives as the only person who can truly stick with them are their women.

An excerpt from his post reads:

“Dear Men!!!

After almost 2 years of working as a nurse in a male ward, I can tell you 2 things I’ve observed.

1, As a married man, the only person who’s going to be by your bedside when you are sick is your wife. I repeat, your wife.

On rare occasions, your kids will be there. For a while though. Only your wife can leave whatever she’s doing to be with you.

Your siblings may come and go, your friends may visit, but she is the only one who will wholeheartedly stay with you throughout youyour ordeal.

2, The way you treated your wife when you were healthy always shows in the way she will treat you when you are sick.

I’ve seen this pattern play out daily. You see those wives who are being treated well doing everything they can to make their husbands get well.

They disturb the health care practitioners, they cry, they rake, they go above and beyond to make their husbands get better.

Well, the reverse is the case with the abused wife. Her laissez faire attitude will be topnotch. You will sleep and wake up in your poo. You’ll starve.

She’s just staying there for staying sake. Some will leave you in the hospital for like 2 or 3 days before returning from wherever they went to unwind.

You will report to your people, they’ll yell on the phone and still nothing will happen…”